Protect the pumps!

Over New Year’s weekend, the pump station stopped working.  Steve Bartlett and Jeff Aman did what they could to avert a potential calamity in the form of overflow.  We thank them for that.  It was thought that it resulted from severe temperatures.  However, in the end, it was a result of solid residues, non-degradable wipes, and foreign materials that clogged the pumps and allowed the tank to fill to near-overflow.

Two visits to clear the tank, and a reset and cleaning of the lift pumps provided relief.  The pump station is now functioning properly.  The carelessness of disposables has cost the Stonebridge community additional monies for repair.

Please do your share in preventing this in the future.  Do not flush disposable wipes or materials that could potentially clog the system, even if they are marketed as flushable.  Thank you!


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